Belfast TradFest - Belfast Summer School of Traditional Music
27th July - 2nd August 2019

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The Fife, Rope-drums and Lambeg - Presentation by Willie Drennan

The Fife, Rope-drums and Lambeg - Presentation by Willie Drennan


Date: Wednesday 31st July

Time: 7pm–8:30pm

Location: St. Anne's Cathedral, Donegall St. Belfast

Tickets £5

Presentation by Willie Drennan 

Willie Drennan is a well known multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and storyteller from County Antrim. He led the Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra from 2000 until 2009 and now regularly tours with his own band and as a solo act. He has presented television and radio shows and facilitated workshops on a wide range of themes. He is currently working on a musical heritage project for the Mid and East Antrim Museum entitled The Fiddle and The Fife 

Willie will demonstrate the fifing and drumming traditions of Ulster and discuss the crossover of traditional fifing tunes with the traditional fiddle and flute music of Ireland, Scotland, England and North America. 

This will include a demonstration of the drumming techniques of the mighty Lambeg drum. 

This presentation will informative and yet highly entertaining with colourful stories, poems an anecdotes to provide insight into this rich cultural tradition.

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