Belfast Trad Fest - Belfast Summer School of Traditional Music
27th July - 2nd August 2019


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Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August 2019, 10:00am - 1:00pm

Ulster University Belfast Campus on York Street.

Classes are designed for intermediate to advanced (minimum 2 years instrument experience) adults and children over 6 years of age with exception of the Traditional Singing Classes, Fiddle Classes and unless specifically titled a 'Beginners Class'. See individual classes for full details.

Fee includes admission to all programme events with exception to the evening concerts.

There is a maximum of 15 students per class.

The team of international tutors is made up of master performers with proven track records as teachers and educationalists. The primary means of teaching and learning is ‘by ear’ with an emphasis in the less experienced classes of assisting pupils to develop oral/aural skills in addition to instrumental competency and developing core repertoire.

 FAMILY DISCOUNT - 10% AVAILABLE (For families of 2+)

Harp - Michelle Mulcahy

Harp - Michelle Mulcahy


Classes take place Monday 29th July - Friday 2rd August 2019 10:00am - 1:00pm at Ulster University Belfast Campus.

This class is designed for Intermediate to Advanced adults and children over 6 years of age.

Fee includes admission to all programme events with exception of evening concerts. 

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Michelle Mulchay

Michelle Mulcahy is one of Ireland's most talented and gifted multi-instrumentalists in Irish traditional music today. Her array of instrumental mastery spans the harp, concertina, piano, fiddle and accordion. Michelle is considered to be one of Ireland's most adroit and creative harpers. She is currently pursuing her PhD studies in Arts Practice at the University of Limerick.

'Her revolutionary style on the harp is scintillating - played with power and panache, no concession to the complexity of the instrument, confirming her as one of the most significant musicians redefining harp at present'
- The Living Tradition.