Belfast TradFest - Belfast Summer School of Traditional Music
27th July - 2nd August 2019

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Traditional Song Collecting with Fergus Woods

Traditional Song Collecting with Fergus Woods


‘Kind Friends, Lend an Ear’ – Collecting Traditional Songs with Fergus Woods

With examples from his published collection of songs and stories from Co. Monaghan in the late 1960s, Fergus will host a discussion of the themes and types of songs that have emerged in Ireland in the tradition of singing in English. Issues surrounding the singers, the songs, and collectors will be examined. Where did the songs come from? Who sang them, and where? How do we define a folk/traditional song? What role did collectors play? Questions raised by an aural/oral tradition will also be considered.

Date: Thursday 1 August
Time: 4pm-5pm
Location: Ulster University, York Street
Tickets: £5

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